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Блаженны миротворцы...

Оригинал взят у gmorder в Как русская гранд мама е..ла в бараке Обаму

A Russian Grandma's Appeal to Barack Obama

Грамотный комментарий к видео:
Zilla Gawd
Dear Granma, appealing to the White house resident, the con man golfer in chief....Oh ba ma, dear leader of the Mercan sheeple is sweet but it is about as effective a strategy as appealing to that other patented Mercan speicality, the infamous lab made ebola virus now on the loose in Chinese bought and paid for Africa.  Ebola Virus US Patent no.CA 2741523 A1. I kid you not, Granny. USerland is going down because all jaded and debauched warmongering corpofascist enterpri$e$ go down sooner or later. USerland will try to take all of us with them. Russia and China offer little hope but there is hardly another alternative considering the evil that the Anglo Zionist global murder machine presents for the human family. The recent zionist destruction of Gaza that received total, uncoditional support from the €uroMercan fgascist elite is the future they have in mind for all of us. The destruction of Novorossiya but another demonstration of what these animals are prepared to do to any nation or people that stands in their way.

Our friends in Russia must know that many in the so-called "Western democracies" are ashamed and sick of the ruling class of 1% psychopaths in the Brussels politburo and the Washing town thugocracy waging genocide against the human family. They have no problem luring Urupp and Russia into a war that would allow them (they are stupid enough to imagine) a few more years running their busine$$ as USual.

Make no mistake these scum are evil and see all reason and all appeals for peace and friendship as weakness. Do not trust anything that these killers say. They seek total control over Russia and ALL its resources. That is their goal.

Turn off the gas and tell the NATO puppet poodle Uruppeans that they will receive no more oil or gas as long as they continue to be members of a criminal gang that supports and protects Kiev fascists in the rump Banderastan, formerly Ukraine. Sell oil and gas only to non members of the USer murder gang NATO who renounce crime and pay war reparations for all the destruction they have caused (as the NAZIS had to) and then supply them with your resources only if they pay with rubles and gold. That simple.

By all means, Granny pray for the not so Great Satan and all those minions that feed the insatiable beast of greed and war but don't be surprised if God has other plans for these psychopaths.

Peace to all men of good will and god bless Mother Russia and her people who saved Europe from fascism once before, financed and supplied as it was then also by the Anglo Zionist criminals...we have no doubt that thjis time will be no different and that Russia will not fail the wishes of the human family that wants peace and friendship.
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